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NorCal Outdoor Excursions

Afterlife Athletic Co. is committed to norcal, community outreach, and enjoying the great outdoors. We are so lucky to live in such a naturally dynamic and eclectic mix of environments. From the shorelines to the forests, lakes to the sierras, we have it all here to share and enjoy.

Check out the scenic beauty of our own backyard with a workout excursion to Tahoe, Mendocino, or just somewhere special in the bay with Afterlife Athletic. For more information check out our "Events" listings.


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Afterlife Athletic Company: Photo & video vault

Afterlife Athletic Co.

Afterlife Athletic Company is about the two most important aspects of being an athlete. To continue to learn and to share our knowledge with future generations of competitors.

I have the attitude that all sports are lifetime sports. We are lucky in tennis that there is a communal attitude that tennis is a lifetime activity, but why aren't more sports given that same attitude? By giving the gift of your athletic talents and accumen to another player your life in sport lives on.

Whatever your age, whatever your sport, you can always learn, grow and enjoy the passion of the game you love.


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